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Sportsman's Warehouse provides a Gift Certificate that we draw for each night
May 14 Gift Certificate Winner - Mike Lee

May 21 Gift Certificate Winner - Brad Cress
May 28 Gift Certificate Winner - Joel Floyd
June 4 Gift Certificate Winner - Brandon Greeson
June 11 Gift Certificate Winner - Tony Leek

June 18 Gift Certificate Winner - Dustin Vickers
June 25 Gift Certificate Winner - Tony Leek
July 9 Gift Certificate Winner - Nick Doyle
July 16 Gift Certificate Winner - Cassidy Floyd
July 23 Gift Certificate Winner - Otis Barnett
July 30 Gift Certificate Winner - Brandon Greeson

August 6 Gift Certificate Winners -
1. Maureen Barclay, 
2. David Gronlund
3. Tony Leek
4. Christy Wood -
25 dollar gift certificate donated by Mike Norburg                                           
For the last night finale we held a shoot-off.  Anyone that did not finish in the top three teams was eligible to shoot.  It took three rounds and Otis Barnett won the final round with an "X" at twenty yards.  Congratualtions to Otis!

Thursday Night League

When looking at the Thursday Night scoresheet you will notice that occasionally there is a winning team with only one team member listed.  This is because there was an odd number of shooters and this score card was not selected in the blind draw.  The shooter's score is then doubled and if the resulting score is in the top three that shooter is awarded the position by him/herself.



We normally shoot until just before the archery Elk season. (late July-August)

We start shooting at 7PM.  We are normally done shooting by 8:30 – 9:00.  Everyone helps with setup and tear down.

There are normally five 3D targets.  We shoot two arrows at each target from a shooting stake.  Then two more arrows at each target are shot from alternate shooting stakes.  The longest shot is normally no more than 45 yards.

Any compound, recurve or longbow is allowed.  Any arrows are OK (field or target points- no broadheads).  You can use hunting sights, scopes, or, if you are a glutton for punishment, you can shoot barebow.  Binoculars are important but not required.  You will need at least two arrows and it is not uncommon for arrows to be damaged or lost so bring a spare or two.  There are no shooting divisions for equipment so barebow shooters are shooting with target shooters.

The cost is ten dollars per night (eight dollars for club members).  All park entry fees are still required.  Yearly passes are available from the park.  Club membership is 15 dollars per year and you can join at anytime.

After all shooter’s score cards are tabulated the cards are shuffled and then teams of two shooters are selected by a Blind Draw.  The top three teams are paid 50% of the night’s proceeds.  The Blind Draw for teams ensures that anyone can win or be in the top three teams.

Thursday Night League is low key and fun.  If you have never done a 3D shoot before this is a good place to start.  Come on out and have some fun.  New shooters are teamed up with more experienced shooter so that you can “learn the ropes.”

We welcome all shooters, young and old, guys and gals!

Questions?  Email us at:

See you there.


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